Anodized Copper Detail Nuts

Anodized Copper Detail Nuts
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Listed here is a small run of aluminum detail nuts that have been anodized a copper color. They are a thin design that would normally be used as a base nut for other fittings but other uses are only limited to your imagination. They have the same dimentions as my other detail nuts but are only about half the thickness. Contents include:

20 pcs / .031" Hex (0.78mm) x .012" Wide (0.30mm) with a .021" Bore (0.53mm)

20 pcs / .042" Hex (1.06mm) x .013" Wide (0.33mm) with a .028" Bore (0.71mm)

20 pcs / .050" Hex (1.27mm) x .014" Wide (0.35mm) with a .031" Bore (0.78mm)

A total of 60 pcs. Considering the size, i would suggest a 1/20 and larger scale use. The pic supplied may appear like an orange color (my poor photo abilities) but they are a true copper shade.

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