1/12 Lotus 49 Shocks

1/12 Lotus 49 Shocks

Listed here are a set of 4 replacement shocks in 1/12 scale for the LOTUS 49.

I was working from parts sent to me and was told from kit #12012 / re-release / no motor. Dimensions were kept very close to those in the kit.

All parts are machined from aluminum except for the stainless steal tubing for the push rod. Shocks are "FUNCTIONAL" when assembled per instructions. NO COIL SPRINGS are supplied in this kit so you will have to use the springs supplied in the model kit they were designed for. Added details include adjustment groves in lower spring retainers, simulated treads in lower shock body and adjustment knobs near lower eyelets. Rear shocks are .320" Diameter (8.12mm) and are 1.300" inches (33.0mm) in length from center of eyelet to center of eyelet. Front shocks are .240" Diameter (6.09mm) and are .850" (21.6mm) in length from center of eyelet to center of eyelet. Bores in the eyelets are .040" (1.01mm). For those contemplating other uses will have to reference your own kits and spring supplies.


Eye Width 'A' 1.01mm - .040"
Eye Width 'B' 2.67mm - .105"
Diameter 'C' 6.09mm - .240"
Length 'D' 21.6mm - .850"
Eye Width 'E' 3.04mm - .120"
Diameter 'F' 8.12mm - .320"
Length 'G' 33mm - 1.30"


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1/12 Lotus 49 Shocks
#1150  1/12 Lotus 49 Shock kit (NO SPRINGS SUPPLIED). ..
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