1/12 F1 Upright Kit

1/12 F1 Upright Kit

Listed here is a partial clevis and rod end assembly in 1/12 scale for the rear uprights of early F1 cars most popularly used through the 60s and 70s.

This kit includes all the parts necessary for the two forward trailing arms, cross bar to gear box link, and upright clevises for both sides. Uprights are NOT included. The only mounting bolts supplied are those at the clevis to rod end connection. Many different designs were used for the lower suspension arms at the time so those are not included. Upper clevis mounting stems are twice as long as the lower ones to accommodate a variety of different widths in upper upright mounts so trimming these shorter may be required. The supplied bushings are also required to mount the clevises to make up for the large oblong bore associated with these model parts. Re-drilling this bore may be necessary for bushings after kit upright assembly.

Clevis dimensions are .082" (2.08mm) across the flats and have a .052" (1.32mm) opening. Bolt bore is .031" (.78mm). Stem diameter is .040" (1.01mm) x .400" (10.16mm) long. Trailing arms feature rod ends with a .095" (2.41mm) ball diameter and .031" (.78mm) bore. Cross bar link rod ends have a slightly larger ball diameter of .105" (2.66mm) with a .042" (1.06mm) bore. 18" (45.7cm) of stainless steel tubing is also supplied which is .072" O.D. x .054" I.D. (1.82mm x 1.37mm). Both sizes of rod ends fit this tubing with the aid of tapered face bushings that both accent tubing ends and reduce bore diameter. Hex cut jam nuts supplied where needed for the finest detail. All parts are machined aluminum. A total of 56 machined parts plus tubing.

Again, uprights are NOT included.

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