F1 Electrical Fittings

F1 Electrical Fittings

F1 Electrical Fittings & Boots

Listed here are machined aluminum and brass Electrical Fittings along with machined aluminum Boots for 1/12 scale F1 applications. There are 2 different "Styles" of fittings with 2 different "FLANGE" designs.

Styles include a "BOX" design that require only one boot to finish and found mounted on electrical boxes and computers. The other design is an "INLINE" fitting that will require a boot on both ends and found where exposed wiring is connected together.

The flange designs can be a "Square" flange, where the mounting flange is square with holes drilled in corners (as found on the McClaren MP4/6 or Williams FW14B for example)....or a "Round Corner" flange where the mounting flange is square but corners are severely rounded without drilled corners ( as found on the Ferrari 641/2 for example).

To confuse you further, both designs come in 2 different sizes as well.
Machined aluminum boots are also made in 2 different styles for all fittings. There is a "STRAIGHT" design where the wire protrudes straight out of the boot and there is an "ANGLED" design where the wire protrudes from the side of the boots. All boots are pre-drilled for wiring.

Considering the cost of these components, the fittings and boots are priced individually to help save on parts left over. All fittings and boots ordered with the same "first 4 digits" will also be packaged together in one pack as they can only be used together and to save on packaging. For Example: If you want boots for P/N 1801SQA, you must purchase 1801ST or 1801AN and they will all be in the same pack.

Builder - Andre Kliebisch of the Netherlands

ONLY parts with the same first 4 digits can be used together.
"SQ" in part number designates Square Flange design with holes drilled in corners.
"RC" in part number designates Square Flange with severely rounded corners (no holes).
"A" in part number machined from aluminum - "B" from brass.
All boots machined from aluminum ("ST" - Straight)("AN" - Angled).
"BOX" fittings are computer mounted with one boot needed.
"LINE" fittings are wire hook-ups with boots at both ends


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