A/N 1520-1528 Anodized Blue Elbow


A/N Fittings in this category are a newer 3 piece per connection design and feature the Blue Anodized "Elbow" configuration only. 
If a "Straight" connection is desired, please refer to those found in the "A/N 1520-1525 2pc Anodized Color" category.
These fittings are machined in aluminum, pre anodized, and have the same dimensional characteristics as their counter parts listed elsewhere on the site.

The design has altered slightly from the "Red Elbow" fitting to 3 pcs to achieve the Blue Elbow. This design is not permanent and still considered in the design stages as trouble was encountered with the larger sizes (hence only 2 sizes available at this time) and this design may change down the road.



Please note that the 12 pcs per pack (4 of each fitting) will build 4 connections.
These products are Anodized but also available elsewhere at this web site in Bare Aluminum color.


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A/N Blue Elbow Fitting 3pc design
  #1520E-AB    Hex Width 0.79mm (.031").   Chamfer Nut Bore 0.5..
A/N Blue Elbow Fitting 3pc design
  #1521E-AB    Hex Width 0.96mm (.038").  Chamfer Nut Bore 0.68..
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